The KIKA’s Master Guide To Social Media Marketing Trends For Brands

The KIKA’s Master Guide To Social Media Marketing Trends For Brands
Category: Business
Date: November 3, 2022
Author: Kiran
The KIKA shares Branding tips for entrepreneurs regularly. This week, our professionals have put together some unique Social Media learnings gathered from their experience in Social Media Marketing in 2022. These are based on the client improvements we have contributed to with the help of Social Media content and design and promotions. Brands are struggling to keep up with the Digital pace to see results and growth with the change in the social landscape in the year 2022.
The KIKA’s Master Guide To Social Media Marketing Trends For Brands is sure to bring quick and positive results.
Video Content
Instagram introduced reels, and this resulted in a boom in reach for many brands. In 2022, the demand for video content is unbeatable. Various reports show that videos will make up to 80% of online traffic for brands and thus there will be a rise in the engagement rate.
Also, videos are the most preferred type of content on Social Media as compared to statics. On Meta, videos drive the largest number of purchases, likes, comments, and shares. Even YouTube videos shared or promoted on Meta receive a high number of views.
If brands are looking at creating a difference in Social Media reach in 2022, they need to start focusing on video content the most.
Posting Less Is They Key
Applying the “Less is more Approach” on Social Media is the key strategy in 2022. Now, online platforms are all about ‘Quality over Quantity’. Brands that focus on uploading quality content like videos, rather than creating clutter by posting twice or thrice a day show great results.
With the rise in social media competition, customers’ attention span has decreased and this says that brands need to start posting highly attractive content. Designing posts that are easy to understand yet aesthetically pleasing along with keeping them thoughtful is mandatory.
Less Text On Screen
Snapchat has gained popularity among young buyers this year. Brands with a target audience of youth aged 15-26 years must have a presence on this Social Media platform. Snapchat Advertisements drive easy sales, and demand for highly creative graphics.
Creatives with bold backgrounds, high contrast visuals, and less on-screen texts lead to up to 40% higher clicks on the call-to-action buttons. Another effective strategy that plays a major role in driving engagement on Social Media is celebrity endorsements.
Regular Stories For Engagement
The story feature was started by Snapchat, but today is adopted on almost every Social Media platform. Meta, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc allow brands to put up content that can only be viewed within 24 hours. This gave businesses the opportunity to increase engagement and also not hesitate to share raw/BTS content.
These types of regular content updates are liked by customers and create a factor of trust amongst users.
Did You Know? Instagram stories are viewed by up to 300 million users every day!
Social Media Shopping
In 2022, people spend the most time on Social Media. They are highly influenced by online content when it comes to shopping. Turning your Social Media page into an online shopping store will be a good decision to make. Including products in the content that is published is a must for brands.
Not only this, adding a ‘Buy Button’ or a link leading to your online store whenever possible is the best move. Meta and Instagram also allow customers to add a store and make a purchase on the platform itself, without having to leave the browser.
Cleaver Humor And Snackable Content
In 2022, the attention span of users on Social Media has fallen to 8 seconds. (Less than that of a Goldfish!) Brands are recommended to post content that is eye-catching and has a very clear call to action, along with clever humor in most of the content.
Examples of Snackable Content are Instagram Reels, Youtube Shots, And TikTok Videos, which are of a duration of 30 seconds or less. Even big brands like ‘Apple’ are now focusing on Instagram Reels, which shows the importance of posting snackable content for every brand.
Lastly, brands must start creating posts that use trends or trending hashtags. Twitter is the best example of explaining how clever humor that is posted at the right time, drives the most engagement for brands.
Tip: Every such type of post must include the brand look, feel, or even the products.
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