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About Us

About Us

We believe creativity is at the core of everything that empowers businesses and consumers to exchange lasting experiences. We firmly believe that creative advertising coupled with effective brand building delivers better results and returns.

We weave stories that people want to hear. We create identities that help brands stand out. We design for people. We understand the consumer as a consumer. We advocate digital to bring brands closer to people than ever.

Founded in 2010 as a boutique design agency, we’ve evolved into a full-service creative & digital agency in India. From exciting start-ups to successful businesses, we’ve created exciting work for brands from across industries with Brand Identity, Positioning and Design solutions, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Websites, Videos and Films.

Kika’s Brand story

Kika's story begins with a spark. A young girl named Kiran, brimming with boundless creativity, envisioned a world where young minds could explore the limitless potential of digital art. Inspired by her mother Kamla's unwavering courage and passion for color, Kiran laid the foundation for Kika.

Kiran's vision fused with Kamla's essence creates a unique blend of tradition and modernity at Kika. We combine the richness of cultural heritage with cutting-edge design practices, resulting in captivating designs that leave a lasting impression. The name "Kika" itself embodies this legacy, a fusion of Kiran and Kamla's initials, born in 2021.

At Kika, imagination takes flight. We're not just designers, we're storytellers. We craft brand experiences that connect with your audience and leave them wanting more. This rewrite focuses on Kika's youthful energy, innovative approach, and commitment to delivering quality work. It also integrates the brand story seamlessly, highlighting the inspiration behind Kika's unique approach.

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