A Guide To Emotional Branding

A Guide To Emotional Branding
Category: Marketing
Date: January 14, 2023
Author: Kiran
Brand Advertisements that make people buy and talk about it are usually driven by ‘Emotion’. All branding material of a business right from its icon to its color palette can be optimized in an Emotional Branding manner, to gain the loyalty and trust of the consumers. A big example of such type of branding is- ‘Apple’ the most successful brand in the market today. “Emotional Branding” is the advertising technique wherein the emotions of the consumers are provoked to form a relationship between the brand and the consumer.
Today, The KIKA is here with ‘A Guide To Emotional Branding’ to help marketers advertise in a way that appeals to the behavior, ego, emotions, needs, and aspirations of the audience.
What are the benefits of Emotional Advertising?
Proper use of a combination of the right elements and content can bring multiple benefits as a result of Emotional Advertising like –
  • Consumer Trust and Loyalty
  • Positive Brand Recognition
  • Unique Brand Personality From its Competitors
  • Emotional Connection with Customers
  • Guaranteed Growth and Growth
Let’s Understand How Emotion Is Used In Advertising
Brands make use of the four basic emotions of human psychology in creative advertising methods to gain consumer trust and awareness.
These four basic emotions are – Happy, Sad, Surprised/Scared, Angry/Disgusted.
Brands focus on being associated with a customer’s happy, smiling, laughing, and positive mood as that drives maximum engagement. Studies have shown that happy articles and messages are shared and remembered more as compared to negative ones.
Example- Coca-Cola’s open happiness to taste the feeling!
In the past few years, brands are being recognized for their unique emotional advertisements and content. This has increased the number of businesses that are moving people through their advertisement techniques.
Fear creates the feeling of urgency and the need for prompt action. Fear is a natural instinct that helps us to think appropriately.
Emotional Advertising is mainly based on Happiness, and real happiness is created through the elimination of ‘Fear’.
For Example- The happiness of buying a brand new car, after freedom From Fear of traveling difficulties of a person.
Another example of scare-vertising can be seen in commercials for no-smoking, and drunk driving concepts.
In most advertising cases, anger provoke spur action. Most brands try to avoid anger due to the risk of negative emotions and the impact they can have. People become angry when they see others’ hurt on unjust take place. This can lead to questions being raised. And this in-turns leads to viral advertising.
Negative emotions make it to viral advertisements more, as compared to positive ones.
How Should Brands Use Emotional Advertising To Their Benefit?
  1. Create A Brand Identity That Provokes A Single Emotion Regularly.
  2. Focus On Personal Interaction while advertising.
  3. Use the Power Of Core Values
  4. Create Hidden Needs
  5. Authencity
  6. Emotional Approach to Advertising
  7. Use Dialogues
  8. Become Preference among competitors.
Confused On How To Get Emotional With Your Branding? Contact Us For Some Emotion Advertising And Branding Tips.
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