A Complete Guide To Picking Brand Colours

A Complete Guide To Picking Brand Colours
Category: Business
Date: December 23, 2022
Author: Kiran
Are you choosing your brand colors or upgrading your brand color palette according to the latest trends? This is the perfect guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs that are looking for some expert advice on choosing the right colors to represent their brand. Color has a huge impact on consumers, and can bring you quick success. Let’s understand consumer buying behavior, why brand colors play a major role in creating a lasting impression in the market, and what every color means from the branding perspective.
Let’s get into The KIKA’s ‘Complete Guide To Picking Brand Colours’ right away!
Customers And Their Understanding Of Colours
In Ecommerce and Digital Media, color psychology directly impacts sales. Apart from this, understanding how colors affect buying decisions always works in a Brand’s favor when it comes to marketing and promoting its products/services.
It is very important to get your brand the right color palette as 90% of the product assessments are based on colors alone!
Brand Colours are most commonly seen in the Company’s Logo, Print Media, Social Media, Products, Websites, etc.
Colors have the power to evoke understanding and emotions in consumers. Every color represents a different set of feelings, and entrepreneurs must strongly understand the meaning behind each. This helps identify which color schemes are best suited for the business and can gain the faith and confidence of the consumer in the first impression.
A List Of Colours And What Emotions/Meanings They’re Associated With –
Red – Red is a color that is associated with intense emotions like Love, Passion, Excitement, and Danger.
Green – This color is commonly associated with ‘Nature’, but it also represents wealth, sustainability, and Prestige.
Blue – Blue stand for Trust and Reliability. This is why most healthcare brands and even other brands most often use this color digitally.
Pink – Pink is a Sentimental & Romantic color. Hot Pink is connected with Youthfulness.
Orange – Cost-effectiveness of a brand is expressed by this color. It also has meanings like adventurous, creative, and fresh!
Yellow – Yellow makes the playfulness of a brand stand out. It is a happy color and also stands for optimism/hope.
White – Minimalistic, Pure, Calm, Innocent, Elegant, and Simplistic are the best words to describe this color.
Purple – Purple is a color of Majesty, Spirituality, Elegance, and Mystery. Most ‘Royal’ brands make use of this particular color palette.
Black – Black has two completely opposite meanings to it. It can sometimes seem sorrowful. Commonly associated meanings with Black are Elegance, Sophisticated, and Power!
In order to understand which color evoke the right emotions related to the brand’s personality, it is important to study the meanings behind each. Making a note of how you want customers to perceive the brand and identifying Brand Goals is necessary here.
Tip: Create a Mood Board for your brand and also your competitors. You’ll get a clear idea of the competitors and also a view of how to make your brands stand out in the market.
Brand’s Primary & Secondary Colours
Entrepreneurs must first select a Primary Colour for the brand that best suits its values and personality. Experimenting with different colors and hues is suggested. Thinking from the consumer POV is the best way to make the right decision here.
Example – Cadbury’s Royal Purple!
Secondary Colour
A brand can have multiple secondary colors. These 2-4 secondary colors must complement the primary color. A Secondary Color not necessarily always stands beside the primary, it can also be utilized in various ways by itself.
Brand Secondary Colors are mostly in a monochromatic color scheme. For example, if Blue is your primary color, Purple, Dark Blue or Royal Blue are good to be the Secondary Colors.
While selecting the Best Color that suits a brand, one should consider different aspects and points of view. Whichever color is finalized as the primary color, secondary colors, and color palette must most certainly evoke the right emotions/feelings in the target audience. Creative Design and Creative Advertising are all about playing with the right strategies while incorporating brand colors and design elements targeting growth.
The KIKA is here to convey your brand message and personality digitally with the best of services and expertise!
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Today, The KIKA is here with ‘A Guide To Emotional Branding’ to help marketers advertise in a way that appeals to the behavior, ego, emotions, needs, and aspirations of the audience.

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